Event held on September 03

Daughters of the Earth - Sacred Womens Gathering

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Event runs from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
Every 2 days, until 5/09/2021


You are invited to journey with and explore an enchanted, hidden valley....a safe, sacred space deeply connected with the pulse of Mother Earth. A magical village awaits, where you can be nurtured and embraced...a place to learn, play, create, celebrate and replenish. ? Though ceremony and rituals, they will support you to release that which no longer serves you and offer inspiration to invite more of what your soul yearns for, into your life. ? Magical offerings such as yoga, dance, creative workshops, singing & deep nature connection will guide you to cultivate a life with a deeper intimacy with nature, a quieter mind & a more loving relationship with your physical body and your inner self. ? A unique program has been created for you... all you need to do is turn up, be willing to immerse yourself in the wonderment....surrender a little & enjoy the enchanted valley where transformation, healing and magic happens ..... ? Daughters of the earth, lets reunite and support each other as you navigate the challenges, joys and adventures of life as a woman. The unique women-only event for those 18 years and above, is set deep in Glenworth Valley where you have the chance to unplug and camp in a beautiful, serene setting. Entry Cost All tickets $495 - The investment for this unique event is $495 per person and tickets can be booked via the links on this site with TRY Booking. 18+ women only event - thank you.