Event held on October 10

Oils & Glaze with David Southgate

Provided by: Sawtell Art Group

Event runs from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Daily, 2 times
To Be Held At

Sawtell Art Group

Address: 1 Lyons Road, Sawtell NSW 2452

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About the Event


Oil paint is tried and true medium that has endured for over 500 years. Through history, artists have developed different ways of using the medium to achieve ground-breaking changes and techniques to express themselves. From the transparent veils of colour and light of the renaissance painters like Leonardo Da Vinci to the post- impressionist artists such as Monet and Van Gough each  artist has used oil paint in their own way to express images how they saw them and how they wanted their audience to understand what they were seeing. Whether you are new to the concept of painting in Oils or wish to extend your proficiency in this medium, there is no better time spent  than with a group of interested artists sharing their time and knowledge under the guidance of a tutor with  long experience in using Oils as his preferred painting medium. We can learn to use the paint in various techniques while developing our own style of painting. In discovering the use of painting mediums, we can hasten the drying time of oil paint. This is important, so we do not end up over working and puddling our colour on the canvas. We can also create a formula for a painting medium that fits our own tempo of painting and discover the use of glazes to create more depth in our work. Students will need to bring their own morning tea and lunch. Places are limited to 8. Please call David on 0415 310 702 with any questions.