Event held on November 24

Art and Mindfulness - Mandala Drawing Workshop

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Event runs from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Recharge your creativity. Experiment, play, create. Let Melissa guide you in discovering your innate creativity. Everyone is creative! Through a series of specially-designed workshops, Melissa will share different ways to express your hidden talents. Her focus is on you. As a passionate artist and teacher, she will help you unleash your unique creativity - this is where the magic happens! During each workshop, you will be hands on, using practical ways to be more creative and learning about creative mindfulness. This workshop is not for artists - it is aimed at anyone who wants more creativity in their life. Learn the art of mindfulness while creating your own mandala drawing. Melissa will teach you how focusing on the moment, calming your mind, relaxing and enjoying yourself allows inspiration to flow. You will be shown how exploring mindfulness switches on the brain and unleashes your creative power! All materials provided. Entry Cost All tickets $80 - Bookings required