Event held on July 14

Indian Cooking Class

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All Day
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Learn to cook a seven-course Indian meal from scratch. Learn the history and cultural significance of various Indian dishes and gain a comprehensive understanding of essential spices used in Indian cooking. Participate in practical cooking sessions where you will recreate the recipes on the menu. After the class, you will learn how to easily prepare your delicious meal, dal's, and or meat-based dishes. We hope this will then motivate you to add a wholesome healthy way of cooking to your home-cooked meals. This class will also give you the confidence to be familiar with spices and lentils that you can use when cooking other dishes and cuisines. All ingredients, printed recipes, nibbles and Chai to start your morning are provided. This class is suitable for vegetarians/Vegans/Lactose/Gluten intolerance. Entry Cost Adult $190 - Includes all ingredients, recipes, 7 course meal and takeaway food