Event held on May 28

George Gittoes: In Conversation

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Event runs from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre is proud to present George Gittoes: on being there, a masterfully curated exhibition by Dr Rod Pattenden that explores the expansive, and still evolving career of one of this country’s most fearless artists: George Gittoes. George Gittoes: on being there, is a stunning and unique journey of an artist willing to create in the face of chaos and potential destruction. Gittoes invites us to examine our own cultural fears of what it is like to be over there, in places that only appear in our evening news in the context of global terrorism or violence. This exhibition will give privileged access to his process through his personal visual diaries, field drawings, photography and film. Through these forms we experience an amazing human journey that holds out the hopeful power of creativity in the face of prejudice and fear. This is a magnificent visual record of how Gittoes not only survives but creates in the face of forces that would seek to repress the human imagination. Entry Cost All tickets $13 - Schools: $13 Adults: $15