Event held on July 16

Anna-Wili Highfield Mating Dance Exhibition Opening

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Event runs from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM


Join Glasshouse in celebrating the official opening of the latest work by artist Anna-Wili Highfield presenting Mating Dance. Glasshouse invited 2020 ‘artist in residence’ Anna - Wili Highfield has created an extraordinary installation that debut’s in our incredible gallery space. Bar Open. Bookings essential. Glasshouse Regional Gallery Presents: Mating Dance Mating Dance by Anna-Wili Highfield is an installation of courtship formations. The sculptures are an homage to the Brolga - Australia's principal dancing bird. Suspended like marionettes, the birds are sewn from waxed cotton and have stopped mid-ballet. They gesture call, response and mimicry. Composer and Musician, Bree Van Ryke has created an accompanying sound work. Bree’s piece will intermittently shock the dancing birds, with music inspired by the Brolga’s bold honking. This sacred bird has forever inspired stories and dance from Australia’s First Nations people, who in shared spirit see and feel it. Anna-Wili’s aim is to engineer a moment of contact with nature, in a way that emphasises similarity of form and consciousness shared by both humans and animals.