Event held on May 23

Bio intensive poly culture: Permaculture for growing more while using less

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Event runs from 9:15 AM to 1:15 PM


Great vegetable growers are already living a life of self reliance and joy. Growing for yourself can give you the best quality and tastiest food you can every eat. But did you know you can do better? Regenerating the soil and saving resources, growing chemical free for a greater yield is achievable using their specially adapted permaculture based technique. Their method, designed for people who already grow vegetables, but would like to do more, offers a level of environmental sustainability that you won't find with other growing techniques. There is no substitute. Species select intensive poly culture, as specifically developed by Bronwyn Richards of Wynlen House Artisan Village Farm, makes use of the many distinct characteristics of vegetable species and their adaptability in cool/cold climates to grow a wide variety of species in the one plot. This saves water, space and builds soil in the process. Home or small commercial market gardeners who want to produce more with less, who want develop a unique range of vegetables for Market or their families and who want to achieve environmental sustainability by building soil health and conserving resources will be excited by the techniques delivered in the workshop. Everything learned is able to be scaled to small commercial market gardener and to the backyard grower. Entry Cost All tickets $125 - Couples discount applies as a refund after the event of AUD20