Event held on June 19

How to Make Dal Cooking Class: Know Your Lentils

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Event runs from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
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Lentils are a huge part of the Indian cuisine. One cannot imagine an Indian meal without its plethora of Dals. Wholesome, nutritious, plant-based and packed with protein they are one a pot meal which can be a part of any dinner table that can suit any budget or appetite. You can choose to add vegetables or meat to the lentils to make them more wholesome or just have them on their own. In this class you will learn to make: - The different types of Pulses that can be found in Australia - Difference between Pulses and Legumes - Basics of making them without breaking into a sweat - Cooking two types of Lentil and two types of legumes - Jazzing them up - with meat, vegetables, seafood - Storing them up - How to include them in your daily diet - Where to buy them easily in Australia - Access to Recipes - After class help and support to guide you in ensuring that can easily make lentils without breaking apart Entry Cost All tickets $150