Event held on June 01

Upcycling Clothes for Beginners Class

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Event runs from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
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In this workshop, they are going to be using clothing you already own. With a bit of practise you will be able to fix almost anything. Have lots of shirts with buttons that need to be stitched back on? Zips that need to be re-attached? Hemlines on trousers/jeans/skirts that need to be repaired? Bring along your pieces of clothing or hand me downs/ups/across or just op shop buys that need to be adjusted to fit better. They will show you how to use visible mending and simple hand stitching to repair your clothing so they will have a new lease of life. Some of the methods they will teach you are Boro Stitching, slip stitching, patching, reinforcing with fabric. They will also look at dyeing and over-dyeing as a method to update clothing. As well as all of the above they will be teaching you simple embroidery stitches to embellish your repairs to make the finished pieces unique. They will also supply pieces of hand-dyed fabric and other bits of fabric to use when patching. Entry Cost All tickets $100 - Save when you book for a group