Event held on February 26

Jiangsu Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition

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Event runs from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM


Words from the Director——Mr Xiao Xiayong "As to welcome the year of Ox for this upcoming Chinese New Year, China Cultural Centre in Sydney will showcase the Jiangsu Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition to present the exquisite ingenuity of the inheritors from Jiangsu and bring the New Year’s blessing to the people of Sydney. China Cultural Centre in Sydney has been beautifully decorated in a way to celebrate and spread the joyfulness of Chinese New Year. We sincerely welcome our Australian friends to share this special moment and New Year with us, while appreciating artworks and trying out Jiangsu delicates!" This event showcases Jiangsu intangible cultural heritage by forms of pictures, videos and immersive VR, introducing Taohuawu New Year woodblock prints, Nanjing Yun Brocade, Su embroidery, Qinhuai Lanterns Festival, Jinlin Paper Cutting, Nantong Blue-cloth Printing and Dyeing Technique and Kun Opera Facial Makeup to the audience in Sydney. Alongside the exhibition, workshops on woodblock new year prints, Qinhuai lantern, Kun Opera and more will be launched for you to experience the charm of Jiangsu!