Event held on August 07

Transitions - Chloe Kim / Vazesh / Paul Grabowsky

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Event runs from 2:30 PM to 7:30 PM


Chloe Kim Trio Chloe, Charlie and Jacques have been improvising with each other for as long as they’ve been close friends. The three-sided force of their friendship keeps them solid. The trio's music represents this journey, this time through Chloe's compositions and unique improvisatory concepts. The process of trusting each other and bonding tightly will be reflected clearly.? "... two of Australia's finest practitioners, Simon Barker and Chloe Kim ... Kim, a generation younger, is rapidly becoming so distinctive as to be an innovator in her own right... their main commonalities now being breadth of palette and sense of drama." - John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald, Paul Grabowsky ??Paul Grabowsky’s solo performances reprise much of the music recorded on his 2015 album ‘Solo’. The music, mainly composed by the pianist, explores ideas that have interested him for decades: harmonic ambiguity and simultaneous tempi, often explored within the framework of songs without words, melodic, whimsical and memorable. He also often includes songs that refer to the canon of great jazz composers (Ellington, Monk) and masters of the American (and occasionally English) popular songbook. ? ? Vazesh - The Sacred Key This event is the album launch of Vazesh's new album "The Sacred Key" to be released on June 25th via Earshift Music. Entry Cost Adult $55 Concession $45