Event held on September 19

Divine - Erin Elsley Art Exhibition

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Event runs from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
Daily, until 29/09/2021


Painting is something Erin has always done for herself and created pieces for her own home. Her biggest supporter and form of encouragement has always been her Mum, who was one of the most creatively, inspiring people she knew. Erin's Mum was extremely talented and had the ability to work with ease to pick up any artistic style and medium. Last year, Erin lost her beautiful Mum suddenly to mental health. This had a profound effect on her and her life and rocked her world. It was following this life changing event that prompted Erin to pick up the paintbrush again and lose herself in painting. Painting and creating has been immensely therapeutic for Erin and has helped her to both find and lose herself at the same time. It has been the most wonderful thing that has helped her heal and look after and nurture her own mental health and wellbeing. After constant encouragement from friends and family, Erin has just recently taken the brave step to share her artistic creations with the wider world. She is so grateful for those who have found a place in their hearts to appreciate and love her creations as much as she does. This is Erin's first public exhibition.