Event held on June 26

Winning Short Story Competitions: Tips From A Judge

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Event runs from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Weekly on Saturday, until 3/07/2021


Why write short stories? What can they teach us? First, publishing opportunities like the Olga Masters Short Story Award abound. Short story contests and submission calls are plentiful and help us build our published portfolios. Second, studying short fiction draws more authenticity and precision into our prose. Third, studying and practicing short fiction enhances not only our long fiction but also shows us the literary layers we can craft into our memoirs and personal essays. In partnership with South Coast Writers Centre, Lauren Elise Daniels is presenting a two-hour online workshop discussing literary techniques and elements to help you structure, draft and improve your work. This is followed by a four-week online short story fundamentals and feedback course led by Daniels to focus on refining your work. This course gives you an opportunity to push your writing skills and raise your awareness around both your strengths and opportunities for refinement in a respectful atmosphere. About Lauren In 2020, Lauren co-authored the bestseller, Winning Short Story Competitions: Essential Tools for the Serious Writer with Cate Sawyer and Hawkeye Books. In 2021, the all-star Relics, Wrecks & Ruins anthology launched, edited by Aiki Flinthart, with Gene Flynn and Lauren’s editorial support. Lauren also curated Aiki’s online course with the Queensland Writers Centre, How to Get a Blackbelt in Writing.