Event held on August 19

Olivier Rasir: Wild Man Dreaming II

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Event runs from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Daily, until 19/08/2019


Wild Man Dreaming II will have a strong focus on energy and movement, and how these qualities can become imbued within still painting. As a process-based abstractionist, Olivier’s paintings come from a place of impulsion and poetic expression, where one material or mark will inform the next. Olivier paints both the front and back of raw canvas, allowing colours to bleed through to form a background with subtle and soft tonal variation. Olivier’s abstract marks and use of raw materials continues into this series, while the artist has stretched the limitations of his canvas. In a trio of new Émotion works, the canvas has been pushed and pulled to create lines, shadows and contours, much like paint itself. Eternalised in Perspex boxes and at once painting and sculpture, these works utilise the materiality of raw canvas to capture the performative-like process in which they were created.