Event held on October 24

Imagined Worlds

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Event runs from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Daily, until 24/10/2021


Through visual art, discussion and live performance, Imagined Worlds invites us to explore the space between fantasy and reality. __________________________________________ There’s no denying how much we delight in fiction. Be it film, literature, or art, we all love to escape. Imagination has always been with us, from the earliest drawings on rock walls at the dawn of humanity to the latest world-building cinema epic. Untold hands have caressed every medium through the ages, driven by the desire to share singular visions of ephemeral dreamscapes. In these imagined lands, we walk with Gods and Goddesses, and hear tales of warrior queens and bested beasts. We see worlds of whimsy that lift our souls and dystopias of darkness where monsters live. We may sit by a pond that has never existed or gaze into the heart of a galaxy glimpsed through a keyhole. Now, more than ever, the escape to imaginary worlds brings us solace and comfort. Presented by Switchboard Arts, Imagined Worlds takes us on a whimsical walk through the works of Janine Healy, Suzy Mansly, Las Chimilitas and Anarchosophist, inviting us to ask, Do we inhabit a world we imagined? Entry Cost All tickets $0 - Free Exhibition Symposium $10 Late and Live $15 Both events $20