Event held on December 05

Celebration of the Qantas Centenary Exhibition Series 2021

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Event runs from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Daily, until 31/12/2021


To mark the Qantas Centenary milestone the Museum’s Curator Tom Harwood has curated three exhibitions to be displayed in the Museum’s galleries for 2021. These exhibitions include: 1. The Donaldson Collection January – March 2021 This is an exhibition of the Life in the Gulf Country of Outback Queensland 1910- 1927 and includes images of the Donaldson family at Riversleigh and Rocklands from 1920-1927. The exhibition gives us insight into what life was like for people on those remote properties and why the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited (QANTAS) was established in Outback Queensland. Willie Donaldson was one of three men killed in a Qantas crash in 1927 in a DH-9c while landing at Tambo. 2. Icons of Australian Skies by Mark Wilson April – August 2021 Mark Wilson began studying at the Taranaki Art School in New Zealand in 1994 then, in 2008, started work on 12 paintings of significant Qantas aircraft flying over iconic Australian landscape. 3. Our Qantas, Our People September – December 2021 This exhibition tells the stories of the many people whose lives contributed to the creation and ongoing development of our national airline. These exhibitions will be free to view. This event is part of Qantas Founders Museum’s Celebration of the Qantas Centenary Program of Events which is funded under the Year of Outback Tourism Events Program.