Tailored Directory Service

Staff Linker

Help and local information for staff when they need it most

Helping staff access services, events and activities in their community

Staff Wellbeing Matters

Staff wellbeing impacts productivity, performance, retention, and workplace culture. Being connected to the appropriate health and community services, and being involved in local activities creates strong local communities.

Supporting Staff Wellbeing

Rectangular Callout: Access to quickly find and personalise local information that is tailored to staff needsStafflinker provides targeted information across the 5 major personnel issues that include:

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Family Concerns

Access to Information that supports Staff

Local, Regional and National infomation at the tip of your fingertips means that supporting staff who are strggling with the "Big 5" workplace issues means that that staff can quickly and ealsiy find local information that can support them


Connecting Staff 

Stafflinker gathers relevant local information that can connect staff to their current communities or new communities (for staff transfers) and provides it in various formats.

Do they have Children?            > Local Schools

Do they enjoy Sport?                > Local clubs and facilities

Do they have Aging Parents?   > Local Aged care facilities

Linking long-term and Short term staff locally

Encouraging staff to be involved in their community is one of the most effective tools for retaining and attracting the right talent. Stafflinker provides localised information that can be tailored to staff members needs encouraging staff to connect and be part of their local community.


Engaging Staff

Stafflinker assists in facilitating access to community services and events by providing localised information about what is available nearby, as well as directions and local points of interest.

  • When and where community events are happening
  • Volunteering opportunities and how to get involved



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Staff Linker provides access to information that can be easily shared in different formats









Choosing what you need from Stafflinker

How do you need to share information?

  • Quick Links (connected to the database so the information is always update)
  • Printed Resource (PDF - with links to the database)
  • IOS or Android App (accessible online)







Finding help and support for people struggling with the 5 major personnel issues

Connecting staff with a range of activities in their current or new communities based on their interests

Engage staff with support as well as in local community activities

Support, Connect and Engage through system Integration


  • Quick Links
  • Quick Links
  • Printed Resources
  • Quick Links
  • Printed Resources
  • IOS or Android App



  • Resource Pages with Local Information
  • Resource Pages with Local Information
  • Around Me
  • Resource Pages with Local Information
  • Around Me
  • Access My Community App




Staff linker uses the My Community Directory Database 

We are passionate about having real conversations with local communities to identify real needs and find solutions that support the health and well-being of all Australians.


Your Local Community Directory and Diary

Over 1,000,000 people used My Community Directory and My Community Diary in the last year so we really understand what it takes to make a directory successful. This is our core business and we are passionate about delivering a compelling solution to meet the needs of the community, government and the sector.

Leverage our understanding and our tools for your needs. We provide all the building blocks you need including:

  • Self-management of listings
  • Protection of listed services from SPAM
  • Responsive websites which work anywhere, on any device
  • Advanced search with synonym and full text support
  • Comprehensive security and access controls
  • A modern API for integration and reporting purposes
  • Advanced statistics and data analytics
  • Integrated mapping and directions
  • Language translation services
  • Highly functional Apple iOS and Android apps
  • Advanced features for you and your community, ready and waiting to be taken advantage of


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