Event held on December 25

10 Island Stories

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Event runs from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Daily, until 25/12/2021


10 Island Stories - This latest exhibition at the Furneaux Museum on Flinders Island features 10 precious items from the Museum collection. The exhibition was collated by interested Museum members as part of a four-week workshop and includes interesting items such as: Snakes: Flinders Island has several of the most poisonous snakes and this exhibit traces the history of the treatment of snake bites. There is also a fascinating DVD made by David Attenborough on the Tiger snake subspecies that lives only on Mt Chappell Island and has evolved to eat just once a year – on baby mutton birds. Organ: This portable pedal organ could be folded up and was carried on many horse and boat trips undertaken by the Briant family in the 1880s. It provided music for church services and dances on Cape Barren, Chappell and Little Green Islands. Jacket: This black taffeta short beaded jacket with extra beaded pieces was owned and worn by Hilda Blundstone in the 1940s. Hilda loved the dances, especially the balls, where this beautiful little evening jacket would have been worn.