Event held on July 09

Creative About Bookaar Exhibition

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Event runs from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Daily, until 15/07/2022


Telling a story through visual art. When a visual artist uses their skills to tell a story, to enlighten, to emanate emotion, to educate, to inspire and entertain, then their abilities are triumphantly enrichened. This is exactly what these six artists have intended. With their combined years of honing their trade they will delight their audience with their intended theme. Creative About Bookaar exhibition took months of research to identify the many layers offered by Bookaar and surrounds. It is a taste of what many localities within the shire have to offer, each elaborately unique in their own way. To expose the history, Indigenous, contemporary times and flora and fauna is indeed a broad topic. It was an exciting journey of discovery, to encapsulate and reveal through art many relatively unknown facts. This exhibition is not only visual art, it is also describing the topics utilising poetry and words to complement the artist's creations.