Event held on January 07

2022 Filmmaking Summer School

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Event runs from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Daily, until 16/01/2022


Filmmaking is an exciting, collaborative, creative pursuit and has never been more accessible or affordable. To make good films, however, we need to understand the essentials, using all the tools—and personnel—at our disposal. We can look for information online but there’s nothing better than learning from leading, award-winning filmmakers who deliver a lifetime’s knowledge—and insight—into filmmaking and the film industry. Learn all aspects of practical film production in this intensive summer school. Fully structured courses are available or you can choose sessions which interest you, or that you need to learn or improve on. You can't learn practical filmmaking with the help of professional filmmakers on the internet. All courses, Script to Screen, Cinematography Intensive, Writing, Acting and Directing Masterclasses and Low Budget Filmmaking are open for people of all ages with little or no prior film making experience. They are also suitable for practising filmmakers or actors wanting to change career direction as well as media teachers and students, production companies wishing to train staff, photographers wanting to move to the moving image, and anyone wanting to understand and learn, all the steps to make great films. The Filmmaking Summer School has the support of Screen Studies, The University of Melbourne, Australia.