Event held on December 01

Anja & Zlatna - Balkan Caravan

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Event runs from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Back by popular demand, Anja & Zlatna returns with its winning combination of voices and instruments, fusing exotic rhythms and melodies of the Balkans with 17th-century improvisation. Join us on a journey filled with humour and celebrate all the beauties of the world. Colourful family songs meet evocative sevdah, all flavoured with that distinctive Balkan beat. Artists performing are Aleksandra Acker - Musical Director and Vocals, Kirsty Morphett - Vocals, Ryan Williams - Recorders, Tim Nikolsky - Lead Guitars, Andrew Tanner - Basses and Mouth Harp, Donald Nicolson - Harpsichord and Synths. Programme: Traditional Serbian - Jecam zela Kosovka devojka Serafim Protosindjel Petkovic - Srbski Vladika Nikolaj kod Atonskog Starca Siluana Macedonian Medley - Zosto si me majko rodila, Eleno Kerko, Lazi vere Traditional Moldavian - Moldavian cyrba Traditional Serbian - Kada padne prvi sneg Traditional Macedonian - Majko ke odam Saban Barjamovic - Pena Traditional Bosnian - Sinoc ja i moja kona Traditional Romani - Sosnica Traditional Mexican - Malaguena Salerosa Traditional Romani - Lolly Phabai Traditional Russian - Katchusha Entry Cost Adult $44 Concession $32