Event held on November 27

Peter Syndicas: Origins

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Event runs from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
Daily, until 27/11/2021


Adelaide-based sculptor Peter Syndicas returns to Melbourne with ‘Origins’, his first solo exhibition within his home town. The title of his latest collection refers not only to the elemental beginnings of Syndicas’ work, but to the influences of place and family, and the sense of coming home to where his twenty-year fascination with organic, natural shapes began. Syndicas takes a unique approach to the human form, as found within the simplest fragments of nature – with each piece inspired by a twig, vineyard cutting, piece of coral or side-of-the-road stone. The artist’s observations of such objects (and the landscapes in which he finds them) make Syndicas’ work an exercise in duality. Both biological and anatomical, each piece is both an interpretation of an offshoot, sprig or stone as well as an impression of an abstract human form.