Event held on August 21

The Magnolia Tree -

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Event runs from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM
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Three siblings have come together to choose a nursing home for their mother who has advanced Alzheimer’s but instead Jack, for unclear reasons, will attempt to talk his sisters into letting her go, tonight. At first his sisters will have none of it but Jack, a brilliant real estate salesman will be as persistent as the ocean wearing away at the twelve apostles. Will his sisters’ principles hold up, or will the decades of poverty before them see them both reevaluate the morality their mother taught them? Well the brilliant twist in this tense thriller is that the final decision won’t be theirs, it will be yours. This play has two endings and right in the middle of its most powerful and tense moment you will have to vote for the one you want to see. The quality of the play and this great twist has seen audiences hanging around the theatre for ages afterwards vigorously discussing the night’s verdict. And to date, the verdict is still close to 50/50. So, the real question is, how robust is your morality? Presented by Yea Arts Inc The Magnolia Tree has been supported by Regional Arts Victoria and Connecting Spaces. Entry Cost All tickets $35 - No concessions A limited number of Yea Arts 2020 Season Tickets to four shows are available - for information contact Barb - mob. 0411433702